Who are we?

Akvaponytt is run by a group of students studying in the second year of the aquaponics engineering program in Sweden. The idea to create a website for industry news is based on an insight into the lack of a common platform when we, who are the first to graduate in this program, in the spring of 2023. We will lose access to the school platform where we’ve been able to share news, events, tips, ideas and chat with each other. We believe it is important to maintain that function, and also welcome other students in the area, entrepreneurs and anyone curious about the area to Akvaponytt.

Our vision is to spread knowledge and news about what is happening in Swedish land-based recirculating aquaculture, in a positive spirit, as well as creating a community.

What is Akvaponytt?

The Swedish government aims to make changes in food production, where one of the goals is to increase the nation’s self-sufficiency whilst sticking to global sustainability goals. Land-based recirculating aquaculture can be one of the solutions to solve these issues, but Swedish aquaculturists are currently facing many daunting challenges. The ambitions and motivation can easily get lost in bureaucracy, financial setbacks and feelings of solitude. Swedish aquaculture has yet to catch up with the development aquaculture has had in many other countries, and it is difficult to find information about what is happening in our region. Akvaponytt will mainly consist of updates on what is happening in Sweden, but with an international perspective as we are part of a highly globalized society.

The lack of a prosperous platform with updates on hydroponics, aquaponics and RAS contributes to the impression of a sprawling and undeveloped industry. Akvaponytt can hopefully become a base to give a clearer overview of what’s currently happening. We hope that we can contribute to a sense of belonging and community that will inspire to venture into land-based aquaculture. Together, we can increase domestic food production and contribute to sustainable production methods for the future.

Some of our articles will be posted in English under “English”.

What is recirculating land-based aquaculture?

Simply put, recirculating land-based aquaculture is a category of farming practices that covers aquaponics, hydroponics and RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System). These water farming systems have in common that they are located on land (mainly indoors) and differ from traditional forms of cultivation by reusing the water in the system several times. Some advantages of these systems are that they are water-efficient, protected against extreme weather and can produce all year round.

Aquaponics is a farming system where nutrient-rich water from a fish tank is pumped to plants that clean the water, whereupon the water is pumped back to the fish again and the process is repeated. In hydroponics, a nutrient solution is added to the plants’ water, which the plants purify, and the water not absorbed by the plant is reused. In RAS you only have fish or shellfish and the water is mechanically and biologically purified by various filters. In other words, you could say that hydroponics+RAS=aquaponics. This is precisely why we have chosen to include all of them, even if they have different pros and cons.

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